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Hopelessly Devoted #Wattys2014

Hopelessly Devoted #Wattys2014

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Lauren Danielle By LD1519 Completed

"You know, you could care a little more." He said. He did not just say that. Me? Not  care? Unbelievable!                                   
"Oh so now this is my fault? Really? I don't care?" I said back to him.                         
"Well most people would get pretty upset if the person they supposedly loved wanted to end their relationship."  He threw back.                                           
"Oh so I only supposedly loved you? really Bentley!? what do you want me to do? Do you want me to break down in tears? Because if that's what it takes to keep you, then I will bawl my bloody eyes out! But even if I did that, you're still going to leave." I argued, quite honestly I did want to cry, I was just trying to be strong.
"It doesn't matter Layla because in the end, I know that you don't really care" He said simply. What the hell?!                 
 "So I lost my virginity to you, told you I loved you and put up with a helluva lot in this relationship, all because I didn't care?" I yelled.                                 .          *

bigbaebaebae bigbaebaebae Oct 10, 2016
Lay is literally me when i go to parties lol i would push someone in first 😂😂😂
LD1519 LD1519 Jun 18, 2013
@MichelleGonzales114 Thank you! I'm definitely working on it! (:
MLGonzales7 MLGonzales7 Jun 13, 2013
Oh My Gosh!! The beginning reminds me of my high school days. Ha ha ha!! Love it!! Keep the chapters coming! :-D