Another Chance For Love! • Book #1 •

Another Chance For Love! • Book #1 •

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ᎠᏘLᏘIᏁᏘ RᏋᏁᏋᏋ By dalainasdreams Completed

He enjoyed money.
Fame was his toy.

He never planned on being a daddy. Until his child was left on his door steps.

Now Mr. Billionaire had to find a nanny. 

Because he knew nothing about raising a child, even if it was his own!


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 • Warning: Sexual Conduct Should Be 18 + To Read!

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• 1st book in the Series!! There is a 2nd & 3rd! That's it I'm not writing more for this!

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MaryFahey MaryFahey Jul 08, 2016
Love the closing image of the Donovan baby and dog asleep on the sofa.
CassieGeorge4 CassieGeorge4 Aug 14, 2016
This reminds me of Son Of The Mask except he's married in the movie
Damn. He got piss in the eye. That has got t hurt. Kids got great aim though 😂🙌🏻
Niallers_princexx Niallers_princexx Jul 04, 2016
Yeah cause that's going to stop the baby from crying,.... Telling it that your coming.... Smh buys are stupid
StonyRhodes StonyRhodes Nov 06, 2016
Love the trailer. Definitely gotta figure out how to use that.