Snippets of the past

Snippets of the past

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Bonnie of the Dots By Everything-Girl Updated Sep 08

"Nothing is real
  Nothing is true
  Everything is false
  Just like all of you!"
Mark screams this, over and over, covering his ears, trying to block out the shouts from the other side of the glass.

He feels a hand on his shoulder, and turns around. There, staring back at him, is the man who saved him. The man who saved him from his lonely life. The man who has given him the one thing he deserved. Love.

They embraced, ignoring the exclamations from the people behind the glass.

"I will always love you" the man whispered into Marks ear "No matter what.". Mark smiled at that, not noticing the man growing taller, and his arms becoming longer. He doesn't realise the man changing, and the screams becoming louder. 

The man leans down, now becoming taller than the man he is holding. "And no one, will take you away from me" he says, before scooping Mark up in one arm and running down the corridor with him, away from the people who were once Marks friends, and to the place where he now calls home.

(Description may not be totally accurate to the story)

This story is amazing, along with all your other stories. Even if you don't update for awhile I'm pretty sure that everyone will wait because this story is sooooooooooooooooo flipping good!!!
NinjaYelli NinjaYelli Jul 07
Dude I'm loving this story! And its cool! Take all the time you need! We all know school can be stressful and take over your schedule. :)
CAN YOU UPDATE PPLEEAASE?! I really like this story and I want to see what happens. Its so good.
Danti001 Danti001 May 12
PLEASE! UPDATE! I REALLY LIKE IT! (sorry about all caps I'm just really excited for the next chapter!)
I am obsessed with this story and it's ok if you don't update for a while I'm sure we all can wait.
NickiG3 NickiG3 Jul 10
It is nowhere near terrible, it's an amazing story, and you are an awesome writer. I love this story and can't wait to find out what happens next, hope you updated soon, but if you can't I understand and I'm fine with it, because this story is definitely worth the wait :)