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Elizabeth Norris By ElizabethNorris4 Updated Mar 07, 2016

Seventeen-year-old Emma Conrad has grown up in Seaside. A seasonal beach town on the North-Atlantic coast, it's the kind of place with over 4000 homes, but only 358 year round residents. It's a town famous for homemade fudge, Saturday night fireworks, boardwalk carnivals, the world's first best saltwater taffy, and the abduction of Ivy Anderson Wright.

Everyone knows the story. It happened eleven years ago, during Labor Day weekend. The nanny was home sick, the parents had just rather publicly filed for divorce, and the older brother took his little sister to the championship game of the annual Volleyball Tournament. At 6:15, the six-year-old ran down to the water to collect seashells. At 6:47 pm, there was no sign of her. Three separate ransom demands came and three times her family paid, but they never found her. Not her and not her body.  

What they don't know is that Emma was also on the beach that day. It was her idea to collect seashells, and Ivy went with her because they were best friends.

Now, three weeks before the summer season reopens, when Emma is caught between welcoming and dreading the change of pace, Ivy Anderson-Wright is found-alive.

Ivy claims she doesn't remember her abduction, that she doesn't want to dwell in the past now that she's finally home, but Emma knows she's lying. Whoever abducted her is still out there, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn't talk. And if Emma can't unearth Ivy's secrets and figure out what really happened that day, this time they both might end up dead.


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pageal pageal Oct 01, 2016
It says six year old on the cover and 8 in the chapter, might want to clarify :>
EliseChristine1 EliseChristine1 Feb 25, 2016
So coincidental. I live only an hour and a half from Seaside!