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Amber K Bryant By amberkbryant Updated Aug 26, 2016

    A psychic, a slayer, a spirit, and a bloodthirster walk into a bar...
    Bad idea! The psychic would lose her mind if she drank, the spirit doesn't have a mouth, and the bloodthirster's tastes don't include what's on tap (the slayer though... he's all in!).
    Let's try this again.
    Sybille is a hierophant, a powerful psychic with the ability to talk to the dead and glimpse the future. Her family specializes in aiding the souls of bloodthirsters (read: vampires), hunting and killing them so that their spirits can move on. Devin is a stake-wielding field agent for Sybille's family. He's willing to do the dirty work because it means he can A) keep close to Sybille, and B) forget the darkest parts of his past.
    Elis isn't your typical bloodthirster. He's spent the last one-hundred years being haunted by his vengeful ex-love Juliana. Then there's the little matter of the soul that was unceremoniously thrust back into him... Juliana is determined to destroy Elis, but Elis has different plans-plans which include forgetting about her once and for all.
    Elis meets Sybille, literally, in a dream. Sybille thinks he might be her next client. Elis thinks she might be his next love. Neither of them think that there's something bigger than their own peculiar relationship in need of attention until the night a psychic possession goes horribly wrong and an invincible thirster enters the picture. Before they know it, the psychic, the slayer, the spirit, and the bloodthirster are wrapped up in a world of drugs and desire run by a thirster who's taking immortality to a new and dangerous extreme.
    Meet: the BLOOD KING.

Baby_Rae_Rae Baby_Rae_Rae Dec 29, 2016
I have eyes similar to these xD they are hazel around the middle and like green-blue and then dark blue as the outliner ._. XD I don't even know what they are.
darkvampirekisses darkvampirekisses Nov 23, 2016
Ooh, I've read that one!! XD And btw, I have already fallen in love with Sybille and Elis XD
TheTruthFairy1 TheTruthFairy1 Jun 18, 2016
Wow.. Well if I had them, I would look really creepy, seeing that I am Asian.
Montefalcosbabeee Montefalcosbabeee Dec 26, 2016
What are the real names of the characters? hehe I mean who are characters? eh? :)
angel122love angel122love Aug 18, 2016
I've never thought of deep fried butter.. But I have had deep fried Oreos, they were amazing.\(^o^)/
MissGreenEyes86 MissGreenEyes86 Sep 25, 2016
Hahaha I love this already! Love your sense of humor and generosity with the cupcakes!! :-)