Reckless Behaviour (Jastin) (BoyxBoy)

Reckless Behaviour (Jastin) (BoyxBoy)

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Trash. By DaddyMcCunt Updated Sep 24, 2016

I shivered as he bit my ears softly "j-j-Jason p-please stop" I said almost begging.

"Don't act like you don't like it faggot" he said kinda harsh.

 "Just p-please stop." I said now crying. Does he think it's okay to do that after all the pain he caused me?! 

"Y-you hurt me w-way too much t-t-to do this, and you didn't stop h-hurting me yet" I said shaking in fear...still crying. 

He clenched his jaw, stood up, harshly picked me up and roughly threw me at the tree next to the bench we were sitting on. 

pain shot through my whole body and I started crying even harder.

He looked me deep in the eye and said, "you're going to regret this" Before walking of...


WARNING: this is BOYXBOY that means gay love, so if you don't like it get the fuck out of here i don't want comments saying 'eww it's gay' and shit like that,  you read the description. 

OTHER WARNING: it contains self harm, bad language and sexual scenes.

And this is my first book so sorry if it sucks and I have school so I'll try to update every chance I get. Love you bye.

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Mjlism Mjlism Jul 27, 2016
Alison James is my description XD ... You sure you don't know me girl ?