There's Another {Under Major Editing}

There's Another {Under Major Editing}

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So, Matthias has another sister. Though not many don't know of her existence she does exist she is alive, not dead. During Matthias's birthday, she does a challenge with her brothers and their friends and meets some very interesting.

Life sure is strange........
Unedited version: January 2016-March 2016

Edited version: July 11th, 2017

Edited chapters:

~Chapter One
~Chapter Two
~Chapter Three
~Chapter Four
~Chapter Five
~Chapter Six
~Chapter Seven
~Chapter Eight
~The original Chapter Nine which doesn't exist anymore because of how stupid it was
~Chapter Nine
~Chapter Ten
~Chapter Eleven

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The fourth wall is broken in the 2nd chapter... well that was quick... good thing theres tape it fix it!
Septicuser Septicuser Mar 29
Jacksepticeye? Jacksepticeye! Mah Jackaboy! He's my favorite too btw.
Anti-Social-Shipper Anti-Social-Shipper Dec 01, 2016
WHERE ARE YOU DONALD WHEN I NEED YOU?!? *grabs duct tape and glue* I guess I've gotta do it.
writing_for_you writing_for_you Oct 24, 2016
Good thing we've got supplies for the duct tape challenge cause you just shattered the fourth wall 😂
-ShadowsOfTheDead- -ShadowsOfTheDead- Oct 26, 2016
I can name every book in the warriors series. Like dawn of the clans
That_Girl_Mimi That_Girl_Mimi Dec 31, 2016
I feel like the fourth wall turned into dust then got blown away by the wind