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Keira is the type of girl your mom warns you about. It doesn't matter though, you'll still go after her. You want to change her. You'll think it's working. She'll pretend to love you, then break your heart. She doesn't care when you end up crying, because everyone told you to stay away. She's a flame and you get trapped in the blaze, thinking you'll never get burned because her fire is ice cold. 

You catch frostbite instead. 

A story about how people aren't what they seem.

to be :: volume II

#149 Teen Fiction 5/14/16

Completed 7/28/16

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ttwiitchy ttwiitchy Jun 30, 2017
Sleeping with Sirens 😻😻 I love this book so far, so many cat heart emojis 😻😻
Which better be my new s8 if you know what I'm saying! 
                              But I do get it I love figurative language.