Hiding From Fate (Vic Fuentes)

Hiding From Fate (Vic Fuentes)

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**Please note there is some Alan Ashby love in this, however, it is mainly a Vic fan fiction**

Hadley Marie Hadaway has spent nearly nine years avoiding her best friend and boyfriend from high school after she left unexpected with nothing more than a note to say goodbye. She never forgot about the Fuentes Brothers; she misses her friendship with Mike and her relationship with Vic, but doesn't have the guts to see if she can find them. Mike and Vic still wonder what happened to their high school friend.  
When her best friend Sami drags her to a Pierce The Veil concert, will her past catch up with her, or will she be able to avoid it?   

Note: I do not own the songs by Pierce The Veil, the band Pierce the Veil, or any of the members of bands stated in this story. This is a story merely for the enjoyment of others and the enjoyment of being written.

cypher2 cypher2 Nov 21, 2016
you can't just roll into a concert without knowing a single song do your research girl this is basic band fandom knowledge
TheFandomObsessed TheFandomObsessed Apr 25, 2016
OMG I LOVE BUÑUELOS!! I'm sorry this supposed to be serious and I'm just thinking of food lol
viki1214 viki1214 Sep 28, 2016
I feel like I'm the only one who thought of Jinxx's Sammi I know it's spelled differently but I still thought of it 😂😂
its_emma_bish its_emma_bish Jul 26, 2016
I should  really pay attention more, but what does hija mean?
internal_fangirl internal_fangirl Feb 20, 2016
And that when she met Vic Fuentes and her heart stopped. Then she died. Idk just a very bad guess
cypher2 cypher2 Nov 21, 2016