The Arrogant Prince (COMPLETE)

The Arrogant Prince (COMPLETE)

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thatgirl By thatnyipgirl Completed


My heart is his, it beats for him... if only he knew what I truly felt for him maybe he wouldn't leave... Maybe he'll be right here beside me.

Start: February 01, 2016
End: March 01, 2016

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zed_16 zed_16 Mar 06, 2016
I salute Cindy for her love to River but then that love blind you. You are suffering while your boyfriend is at the party.
chinkorea chinkorea Mar 06, 2016
Cindy play a violin song for their anniversary even though River is not there. She is totally broken. Miss A, your hurting me.  T____T you do a great job here.
zed_16 zed_16 Mar 06, 2016
As soon as she was finished playing, she placed her violin on the bench, she left it, crying, it breaks my heart!! Cindy be strong.
Elusive_Whisper Elusive_Whisper Nov 17, 2016
I've been left breathless. The music, the story it really... just wow.
zed_16 zed_16 Mar 06, 2016
Reading the first stanza makes me want to read the story faster because it catches my attention easily.
chinkorea chinkorea Mar 06, 2016
River is such an ass here. He already made a move for Cindy but because Travis called, he trow his presence for her fiancee. I pity Cindy.