Bokuto X reader  Unexpected

Bokuto X reader Unexpected

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" One more!" F/N shouted. Currently, she was at volleyball practice. The adrenaline pumping through her veins made her completely forget about how exhausted she really was, but she knew she'd be even more exhausted tomorrow. 

It must have been two hours until she finally finished up practice. She never liked to shower in the locker rooms with the rest of  the girls, F/N was way too antisocial and awkward to do something like that. Slowly, she reached up and undid her hair, which was in a pony tail, and let it fall to her usual H/L," Oi! Good practice today! F/N!" The H/C girl turned around to face one of her new best friends," O-oh.. Yeah, thanks. You too B/F/N." She replied," I-I'll be going now!" She yelled quietly to the team and slung her black, white, and yellow bag over her shoulder and made her way to the door. 

Her soft S/C hands pushed the doors open. She took a small step outside, letting the night breeze wash over her and cool her down almost instantly. But when she took a...

Ariblui Ariblui Sep 20, 2017
That's me! Except that I don't do whale noises, I do donkey noises(?
Ariblui Ariblui Sep 20, 2017
Yeah, she is, don't loose Reader-chan Bokuto, don't loose her.
FlaminBitch FlaminBitch Dec 21, 2016
Does no one realized he had a small monologue about reader-chans' beauty
Being_Nobody Being_Nobody Nov 04, 2016
Literally me irl, but I hate when I'm scared of making friends
FlaminBitch FlaminBitch Dec 21, 2016
Bokuto in the morning: *wakes up with a boner* Shhhiiiiiiiiiiitttttt
- - Jul 16, 2016
This is why I want to live alone, no one can judge my squats.