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Yellow Ink » Min Yoongi

Yellow Ink » Min Yoongi

22.8K Reads 1K Votes 10 Part Story
inês By snowflakesonmylaptop Completed

"Ah, you're so annoying."
          "I just asked you to check my grammar mistakes, Yoongi!"
          "By the way, yellow ink is so 1999."
          ©snowflakesonmylaptop, 2016

SomebodysLovebird SomebodysLovebird Feb 14, 2016
Omo, thanks for the dedication! How did I deserve that? ^^
                              The chapter was super cute. I'm so in love with Hyerim, she's such a sweet character. ☺️
baekxxing baekxxing Feb 14, 2016
Ohhhhh so ! The idea with the love letter is so super sweet i love it
chanbaeol chanbaeol Jul 21, 2016
Omg bless, Imma pretend this letter was for BaekHyun 😂😂
savagesuga savagesuga Sep 08, 2016
Omg i love korean trot music! Yoongi was so happy singing to trot music in gayo track 8! Actually the members were♥
junqquk junqquk Oct 02, 2016
cryfn bc the last fanfic i read on hoseok made him abusive and an alcoholic and now i don't know whether to trust him or not
trashtan trashtan Oct 04, 2016
How to properly confess to Hoseok: You don't. this is yoongi's time to shine. C;