The Devils Guardian Angel (Lucifer Fanfiction)

The Devils Guardian Angel (Lucifer Fanfiction)

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Mythicality By XMythicalityX Updated Nov 14

Angel Grace, an angel sent from heaven to watch over the one and only Lucifer. He'd escaped Hell and was roaming the streets, with his intoxicating British accent and his cheeky bastard self.

***Trigger Warning***

Also, I'm writing this mostly for my friend and so far there's only seven episodes of Lucifer so please don't be rude if I get something wrong, thank you.

I feel like im a mix of both. Like for this Lucifer, im like him but I'm also a huge Castiel (supernatural)
They don't even think about it! Amedidriel is a good example of that. Well. Was rather.
I agree I would want telikenesis for life but super speed for a day
I remember this episode! I thought he was talking her into committing suicide!
I like the original 😂 my friend has the night core version on his ipod
I'm literally listening to the Sherlock theme song right now!