The Devils Guardian Angel [Lucifer] (Temporarily Discontinued)

The Devils Guardian Angel [Lucifer] (Temporarily Discontinued)

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Mythicality By XMythicalityX Updated May 19, 2017

Angel Grace, an angel sent from heaven to watch over the one and only Lucifer. He'd escaped Hell and was roaming the streets, with his intoxicating British accent and his cheeky bastard self.

***Trigger Warning***

Also, I'm writing this mostly for my friend and so far there's only seven episodes of Lucifer so please don't be rude if I get something wrong, thank you.

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Sherlocked221B1 Sherlocked221B1 Jul 13, 2017
Not too bad a chapter. Lots of spelling and grammar mistakes though.
DTDerpy DTDerpy Apr 29, 2017
I get on here and the first thing I see is that!👏 His face is killing me
Life: shape shifting(objects, humans, animals)
                              Day: invisibility
DTDerpy DTDerpy Apr 29, 2017
Like that's going to do anything😂
                              "Oh no! The car doors are locked! How ever will I penetrate this roofless motor vehicle?! I must, of course, find the correct key!"
                              Yea, really
angel_Sinclair angel_Sinclair Mar 19, 2017
Life: control fire and be able to mess with people's minds like Lucifer
-Dessi -Dessi Aug 24, 2017
I could be really sweet and I could be the worst person you ever met so both