Shadow of Doubt (EXCERPT ONLY)

Shadow of Doubt (EXCERPT ONLY)

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Linda Poitevin By LindaPoitevin Updated Apr 22, 2016

When police officer Kate Dexter runs over a man on a dark country road, the last thing she expects to discover is that he's also been shot. Unable to get help because of the storm that caused the accident in the first place, she takes the unconscious stranger to her family's farm, intending to alert the local authorities.

Then Jonas Burke regains consciousness, and his shocking blue eyes and incredible story give her pause. Is he the victim of the conspiracy he claims? Or is he the dirty cop-turned-murderer that's the subject of a Canada-wide warrant?

With a manhunt underway for the fugitive she's now harboring, Kate finds herself torn between career and instinct. Even as everything cop in her insists she turn him over, her heart tells her he's innocent...but can she trust a heart that's gone as rogue as the cop she may be falling for?

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coolpotato_writes coolpotato_writes Sep 26, 2017
I haven't even started reading it but my gut is all "GET READY TO BE BLOWN AWAY!!!" . Can't wait to see what's in store for me
Congrats! Gunna have to reread AGAIN now! Eventhough I love it so much I'll defo end up buying the ebook! Will it be in Amazon???
knoni2006 knoni2006 Feb 18
Loved this book and wish it every success - and you too.  You are a super readable writer.
Lyss3422 Lyss3422 May 01, 2016
Can't wait to get started on this! Wish I could get the app... but I have a windows phone... so no luck there.
ElizabethBindas ElizabethBindas Feb 12, 2016
I'm bummed..... it's iOS only for now. We Android users are going to have to wait  :(
Bansgran Bansgran Apr 03, 2016
We need to get this all worked out for android!!!  Looking forward to getting started on this story....