Gaurance - Not A Joke

Gaurance - Not A Joke

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Our Bond Was The Strongest Thing On Earth, No Friendship Could Ever Be This Close Though. So.. Why Did I Feel I Had Something More For Him? I Remember It All Clearly, My Hands Running Through His Sandy Blonde Hair, My Eyes Drowning Into His Ocean Blue Ones, Our Lips A Centimetre Apart. Was It A Joke? Him Pinning Me Into The Wall, Kissing Me Gently, His Hands Holding My Waist, My Hands Around his Neck. That Wasn't A Joke, Was It? Our Bond, Our Friendship, Our Love... It Couldn't Be A Joke, Right? 

"Laurance...I Love You." 
"Is This Some Sick Joke?" 
"Trust Me Laur- It's Not A Joke."

-- Artist - Cover Credit: RagerWolfy --

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r they actually ponies in the story  or is that just what you drew
BI_Besson BI_Besson Aug 25, 2017
Me: Awwwwww *Dies*
                              Garroth: *Thought* Knew that would work
                              Me: *Thought* I can here thoughts you know that
                              Garroth: *Thought* Fuc! #* Sh&/
BI_Besson BI_Besson Aug 25, 2017
Me: Garroth I swear if the door breaks
                              Garroth: *Breaks door* what did you say
                              Me: *Holds two dagger to Garroth's Face* Stop Breaking doors William is tired of replacing them
                              Garroth: K now stop before I stab your back
                              Me: You know I'll just come bacj you know that
they kissing in sleep just wait till I spam this picture to my friend and she get triggered
GayestNarwhal GayestNarwhal Jun 30, 2017
Wtf...they were so gay their humane temples couldn't take it! They transformed into ponies with girl hair and blue/legit white skin. Logic
Little Gar Gar... Let me explain to you that what you are feeling is Gayyy! ~<3  🌈