Gaurance - Not A Joke

Gaurance - Not A Joke

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Our Bond Was The Strongest Thing On Earth, No Friendship Could Ever Be This Close Though. So.. Why Did I Feel I Had Something More For Him? I Remember It All Clearly, My Hands Running Through His Sandy Blonde Hair, My Eyes Drowning Into His Ocean Blue Ones, Our Lips A Centimetre Apart. Was It A Joke? Him Pinning Me Into The Wall, Kissing Me Gently, His Hands Holding My Waist, My Hands Around his Neck. That Wasn't A Joke, Was It? Our Bond, Our Friendship, Our Love... It Couldn't Be A Joke, Right? 

"Laurance...I Love You." 
"Is This Some Sick Joke?" 
"Trust Me Laur- It's Not A Joke."

-- Artist - Cover Credit: RagerWolfy --

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You don't want to look at him, but you also don't want him to leave......boi make up your mind! You're confusing me!
EliTheArch EliTheArch Aug 25
Me: Awwwwww *Dies*
                              Garroth: *Thought* Knew that would work
                              Me: *Thought* I can here thoughts you know that
                              Garroth: *Thought* Fuc! #* Sh&/
Mishka: What the? Spain! Get your tomatoes out of the fanfic!
                              Spain: Tomatoes!!! *Has the "I'm in dream land right now*
                              Admin: Spain? Spain? Hello? *Waves hand in his faces* Nope he's gone!
crxtals crxtals May 29
A good guard always sleeps with one eye open 
                              -Garroth Ro'meave
EliTheArch EliTheArch Aug 25
Me: Garroth I swear if the door breaks
                              Garroth: *Breaks door* what did you say
                              Me: *Holds two dagger to Garroth's Face* Stop Breaking doors William is tired of replacing them
                              Garroth: K now stop before I stab your back
                              Me: You know I'll just come bacj you know that
Starrmiss Starrmiss Apr 01
LOVE! Your feeling love my baby GarGar!!! *Cries* They grow up so fast! ;-;