Uni Boys [Larry Stylinson] Completed

Uni Boys [Larry Stylinson] Completed

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Jayde By Bab3yBlu3Eyes Completed

What happens when you realise the person you truly loved was under your nose the whole time

Would you risk your friendship and tell them?

Or simply carry on your life and block out all the feelings of love, lust and wanting?

This is the dilemma Louis found himself in.

Will he tell Harry how he feels or will he hide away all those feelings 

I didn't know I could fall for someone this easily. Not my usual type. Those eyes drew me in the first time I saw them. Mindblowingly green, they were like emeralds glistening as the sun. I'd never seen someone so beautiful in my entire life. I had to talk to him. That's right him!




melody_709 melody_709 Jun 14, 2016
Well I dent he did and we've been going out for 3 years we where 13 now where 16 ☺️
Amburglar__Horanson Amburglar__Horanson Sep 06, 2016
I did. Im still friends with him. Just awkward when it is me and him only.
Amburglar__Horanson Amburglar__Horanson Sep 06, 2016
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  if I ever saw a person I liked......which of course that is One Direction
PrincessCharming69 PrincessCharming69 Nov 24, 2015
I did and we broke up after like a month and we didn't talk for half a year but now we don't talk to each other. Just "hi"s here and there.
nolen_vaughn nolen_vaughn Oct 07, 2015
Hey, I was wondering if you wanted an editor? If so, just message me!
LlamasAreSoCool LlamasAreSoCool Sep 14, 2015
I had the same problem. I risked my best friendship I had and it turned out that she feels the same,  so yeah.. Hahah ^_^ <3
                              Try new things and #yolo for anyone with the same problem hahah :P XD