The Music Next Door

The Music Next Door

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We all have secrets. Meet Brenda Cowell, a girl that swears a lot in her head.  
She's 17 years old and has a secret. More like hidden talents. She's a song writer and she can sing.

What happens when a new boy moves in next door. Oh and he's not just a boy.
He's Carter Underwood. The boy that used to steal her lunch in sixth grade. The boy with an ego bigger than the universe. 

The worst part is that Brenda can hear all the noises next door from her room and it's the same the other way around. 
How is Brenda suppose to hide her talents when she only sings in her room and Carter lives next door? She hates Carter.

But what if the worst part is also the best part that leads them to something special? Something undiscovered?
Something that Brenda will NEVER see coming...

WARNING: There will be a lot of swearing. SO BE AWARE. :) AND ENJOY!!

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Ayshiex Ayshiex Aug 09, 2017
I hate american popular foods like, pizza;nuggets;hotdog;burger;fake chicken;candys;caramel;cheese;anything with cheese.
                              I basically eat salad since it is real and taste good, screw my life for not liking cheese.
larisaanadeeljin larisaanadeeljin Nov 11, 2017
*pulls out a 5 foot building out of backpack - does nothing* *pulls out pen out of same school backpack* How tf did that get there!?
babybrithney babybrithney Sep 10, 2017
Im a cheerleader but not a stuckup one basically all cheerleaders were nice to eachother and everyone but i quit since cheerleading was getting in the way of my studies
lunyluna64 lunyluna64 Dec 22, 2017
                              can you guess my favourite food?
WildLifeSpirit WildLifeSpirit Aug 05, 2017
No, I walk up to school with a bunch of big ass dogs with me and nobody fucks with me!
120173klm 120173klm Apr 27
How have you had a crush on him since you started high school, and still not know his name.😔