Druid Knight

Druid Knight

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Moonlightbeauty By Moonlightbeauty Updated Jul 26, 2016

Shinta Aeros stood on one of the highest branches of a big tree, with a bow slung on her back. As the wind blew, the white streaks in her long black hair shimmered in the sun. Her ice blue eyes stared intently across a valley with an envious look. She watched as people celebrated in a village, it was an annual early spring festival they always had. Every year they held a festival to celebrate renewal and life. She wished that she could fit in better with her people. She is a Snow Elf druid like the others but for some reason, her magic is stunted. She could barely grasp the simple nature spells that were taught to them as children, at the age of twenty she still has not advanced to more complicated spells. 

Her jaw set in determination and she swiftly climbed down the tree. She landed on the ground on the balls of her feet in a crouch. She may not be the best magic user in the tribe but she is determined to at least be the best hunter.

As she straightened up she thought two simple wo...

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