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Beep, beep, beep. I groan in annoyance as my clock rings for me to get up. I slam my hand on the damned clock and broke it."huh that's 132 clocks that have been broken". I muster to say. As I got out of bed I noticed that i'm burning up and I have cramps and something is howling in my damn head!

"Mom come here please I think there is something wrong i'm sick!" I yell as loud as I can. My mother and father came rushing through the door with knowing looks on there faces that I could not comprehend."mom dad what's happening to me i'm hot, I have cramps and why is there a howling sound in my damn head, gosh I must be going crazy"

my mother came and sat beside me and put her hand on my forehead. soon when I felt the impact of my mothers hand I felt all the electrical pulses going throughout my body. "MMMHHHNNN! Don't touch me mom"I said pushing her hand away.

Mom and dad had a knowing look on there faces again."son your in heat"my dad said looking me straight in the eyes. "so ...

devilisheart devilisheart Dec 19, 2017
damn.... thats like winning a lotto....😍😍😍to many mateless boylet..
liskyfox liskyfox Oct 15, 2017
The finger nails would have to completely regrow to look like a claw. I would know cause my toe on my foot looks like a solid claw that's not flat.
Fun or not so fun fact: Chocolate is actually not good to eat while on your period. The caffeine in the chocolate will cause the cramps to worsen. It may taste good, but it’ll make you feel worse.
Damñ boy! You’ll be just fine with a bad bìtch on your side! Trust me, women are scary. You’ll be just fine so long as you don’t make her mad.
liskyfox liskyfox Oct 15, 2017
In biology the skin would have to die first and then peel off painlessly. This is literally the worst evolutionary genetic makeup I've ever read about.
What kind of person are you?
                              1. *coughs* IM DYING
                              2. *coughs out blood* I’m fine....