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Beep, beep, beep. I groan in annoyance as my clock rings for me to get up. I slam my hand on the damned clock and broke it."huh that's 132 clocks that have been broken". I muster to say. As I got out of bed I noticed that i'm burning up and I have cramps and something is howling in my damn head!

"Mom come here please I think there is something wrong i'm sick!" I yell as loud as I can. My mother and father came rushing through the door with knowing looks on there faces that I could not comprehend."mom dad what's happening to me i'm hot, I have cramps and why is there a howling sound in my damn head, gosh I must be going crazy"

my mother came and sat beside me and put her hand on my forehead. soon when I felt the impact of my mothers hand I felt all the electrical pulses going throughout my body. "MMMHHHNNN! Don't touch me mom"I said pushing her hand away.

Mom and dad had a knowing look on there faces again."son your in heat"my dad said looking me straight in the eyes. "so ...