Plan C (#wattys2016) (Compeleted)

Plan C (#wattys2016) (Compeleted)

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. o l i v i a . By Qliv15 Completed

He watched my birth; we would crawl around following each other. We'd have sleepovers and giggle all night; he was my first kiss, at the age of five. He, Liam Davidson, was my best friend.
It was true, every single detail, all of our adventures and games stored in my mind or picture. But sadly all things good have to end eventually, and for me they ended all too quickly for my liking, but hopefully fates on my side and brings us back together.
But if all else fails...Going undercover and getting close to him might just be 'Plan C'

Because he, Liam Davidson, is my best friend and only God can stop me, but even if he tries, I am not going down without a fight.

Meet Lively Teresa Adams, cute, sweet, smart, clumsy, hot and 100% popular
With that loving smile lit up on her very well structured face, and with her sassy comebacks and sarcastic words she's definitely a Ms. Queen Bee, but unlike other  Queen Bee's she's actually nice and doesn't even know she's popular. 
But the only thing she really wants is...Liam Davidson. 

Meet Liam Davidson, sexy as hell, hot as the sun and as cool as an ice berg, this little badass is an all out trouble maker, at school people move out of the way for him they treat him like a king, but all he really wants to do is get back his childhood best friend...Lively Adams. 

They both want each other but don't know it, so when Lively dresses up like a complete hottie (not that she already isn't) and enrols into Liam's high school, things get a bit awkward... Oh wait no they don't because she did it on purpose! 

Barbara Palvin as Lively Adams, Fransico Lachowski as Liam Davidson, Ariana Grande as Lively undercover. 

829th in teenfiction 16/09/17
Warning, slight swearing, bad grammar, spelling, suicidal thoughts, may trigger something, also this book is EXTREMELY cliche. (Cover props to @Adina_Iver)


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