The Opelux and Other Monsters || Book One

The Opelux and Other Monsters || Book One

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Katelynd Gillins By kmrgillins Completed

[COMPLETED] 12/1/2018. 
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When memory is gone, instinct remains...

Once upon a time...

In a world where the most powerful can be killed by water, the elite are protected by humanoid demons, and the planet is divided into two continents of chaos and false order, a strange girl wakes with broken ribs, three bullet holes in her chest, and an unusual case of amnesia on the front lawn of a manor belonging to the sovereign Emperor whose reign is coming to an end.

With no knowledge of who she is, the girl is frantic for answers while everyone around her is tightlipped and unwilling to share. 

The Emperor's Guardian, though he trusts his masters judgment, is, at first, highly suspicious of her. But he can sense there is something different about her, peculiar even. Though she is hesitant and fearful, she proves herself to be powerful and capable, more so than most other Guardians he has ever known, to the point he begins to see his master's plan for her is entirely possible, affectively rendering her forever off limits to him. 

When an unknown traitor attempts to assassinate the Emperor right under everyone's noses, the girl finds herself thrown into a world of monsters, magic, peril, and responsibility. 

But one mistake with the Emperor's Guardian will either make or break everything.