Won't Fall In Love (Ariana Grande/You) (GirlxGirl)

Won't Fall In Love (Ariana Grande/You) (GirlxGirl)

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♡♕ Mαчu ♕♡ By Mayuhime-sama Updated Aug 28, 2016

(Y/n) is a girl who was bullied in middle school for being too nice, and because she had natural beauty. One day, after getting pushed around too much, she decides to finally fight back. Scared and in shock, her bullies ran off. After entering the bathroom to get herself cleaned up, she heard sobbing. The sobbing came from an unlocked stall and that's when she saw the popular girl, Ariana Grande, crying her eyes out. She felt bad somehow and tilted her chin up, wiping her tears.

"The beautiful 'popular' girl shouldn't be crying this bad..." (Y/N) said with a frown, and looked at the other girl's tear stained shirt, which made her take her scarf off and hand it to Ariana, "Um...I'm not sure what this can do but here.." 

Ariana giggled and wiped her eyes, gratefully taking the scarf. She noticed (Y/N)'s blood stained knuckles and busted lip. (Y/N) left the bathroom without a word and was eventually transferred out the next day...

 Leaving Ariana, who didn't get to say "Thank you."

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Imaginary_Stories Imaginary_Stories Jun 30, 2016
I would buy a year book but those are damn expensive (for me). In middle school it cost somewhere $20-30 and for high school, it's $60-70 like what the fûck?
LoveEllieNight LoveEllieNight Oct 03, 2016
Hey! It helped, didnt it?
                              More like, "Daaaamn. Thanks, Mom."