As If I Could Ever Leave You - Levi x Reader Fanfic - Editing Mistakes

As If I Could Ever Leave You - Levi x Reader Fanfic - Editing Mistakes

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(F/N) (L/N) grew up in Wall Rose with her parents. At the age of just 5, unknown men had brutally murdered her parents, and took (F/N) into custody for slavery. Fortunately, the you yet intelligent child had escaped, and somehow made it outside the walls.

Ever since she escaped she had snuck outside the walls with the small amount of supplies she had gotten, (F/N) had thought she feared love. That she will just be used and end up heartbroken in which she never learned to handle.

When (F/N) is discovered helping the Survey Corps with the battle against the titans, what happens when (F/N) falls in love with a certain shorty? Will things get a little bumpy in their who-knows-what relationship or will they have a happy ending after all?

Copyright 2016 by Hilary W (Cass). All rights reserved.
All Attack On Titan characters are owned by Hajime Isayama.

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Ima name him kitty just so i can confuse the hell out if people
                              Y/N: Oh- Hi! Hello! Would you like to see my kityy!
                              Person: Sure! How old is i-
                              Y/N: KITTY! COME HERE BOY! Well, this is kitty! Kitty, say Hi to the nic- NO! BAD KITTY. WE DON'T EAT OUR FRIENDS. FRIENDS NOT FOOD
Uh....what about...... Bandit! It used to be my Husky's name.....i miss him so much...
seokchaeng seokchaeng Feb 27
I'm calling her Elsa because that's the name of our youngest dog
Imma name you....sprinkles.
                              Nah jk jk. I'll name you....midnight. She shall have black fur.
Ew I’m not eating raw meat XD
                              I’m gon call the dog Manabe or like Tundra or smthin’
seokchaeng seokchaeng Feb 27
I read that as i get more pussy.. i wish i could say the same