main hoe - gd

main hoe - gd

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"zoe, he broke my heart!"

"and i'll break his."

- in which a girl is sick and tired of seeing other girl's heart broken by the same guy. she's on a mission to not only stop him from screwing other girls, but to become his main hoe.


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“ I gave you an STD” that will for sure make him sad💀
reminds me of that one episode of riverdale when they tried to get whatever his name is back for messing with some many girls ( tbh the show  sucks and show did the episode lol )
1-8000-karmasabitch 1-8000-karmasabitch Nov 23, 2017
yassssss we crushing hearts darling i think i can bring my sledge hammer and latex booty shorts ready
I forgot to read this part and imagined her as camilla cabello... IM SO DUMB
bro it could be snowing and be -68 degrees outside and guys will STILL wear basketball shorts and a nike cap to school💀
don’t waste that good a$$ lipgloss and that boma$$ mascara on him