Transformers Prime: Triage

Transformers Prime: Triage

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ⒺⓇⒾⓃ By erinarcher Updated Oct 22, 2016

Chris Handell leads a normal life in a small home in England. An aspiring auto-fitter, following in her father's footsteps, and a bright future ahead, what can possibly mess that up? Robots. 

Giant robots from another dimension, and an ancient war going back megacycles. Chris finds herself wound up in the middle of it, and the charge of a particularly grumpy guardian to protect her. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own character. I'm not making a profit off of this, it's just for fun. 

Changed the title! I like this better :)

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Blazing_Fire3 Blazing_Fire3 Mar 10, 2017
                              Best reaction ever! This would probably be me to be honest. Cx
Bumblemus_Prime Bumblemus_Prime Mar 20, 2016
                              I remembered you asking if you could do the picture-quote thing XD
                              It works well.
Peonny Peonny Sep 04, 2016
I am in love with this story already *-* your writing is beautiful
Bumblemus_Prime Bumblemus_Prime Mar 20, 2016
"Well, we all can't be as selfless as you, now can we?"
                              -Starscream, Triangulation. 
                              I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I KNOW THAT
                              THIS JUST REMINDED ME OF IT. 
                              Wow if I can quote stuff from prime this easily I really watch too much of it. XD
Rosierar416 Rosierar416 Mar 06, 2017
Hmm how ironic this time the car crashed into the hedgerow with her just talking to it. That's a true talent 👏👏👏
- - Feb 16, 2016
Lol I say this to my sister too and she has noooo idea it's a quote XD