secret service | jungkook

secret service | jungkook

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temporary hiatus💛 By liastreets Updated Aug 03, 2017

❝the more you see, the less you know.❞

-aka jungkook is only eighteen but is already one of the best agents in the korean branch of the worldwide secret service, and when his partner gets killed on a mission, he needs to fill his shoes quickly and recruits a childhood friend to take down one of the most dangerous men in the world; min yoongi.

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attack_on_senpai attack_on_senpai Nov 12, 2016
i havent read a bts fic in a while rip but this looks too good im shook
- - Jan 31, 2016
I'm still caught up on that gif hot f*cking damn jeon jeongguk you're supposed to be a fetus oy vey
ponyeet ponyeet Jul 24, 2016
does that mean Americas secret service is A$$ cause American Secret Service
stxxrlord stxxrlord Aug 05, 2016
Uhhhhhhh *spoiler*
                              I bet he is a life