Hit and Run (Hitman Jones x Reader)

Hit and Run (Hitman Jones x Reader)

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You, Y/N are well known around the mafia community for your renowned skills.  So, needless to say you're a little more than upset when your boss pairs you up with "Hitman Jones". But, who knows, maybe a love will blossom, or you'll be stuck with an ignorant little piece of-  You know what, why don't you just read to find out.

This is a songfic of Hit and Run by Lolo (probably spelled that wrong).  Also, I do not own the cover, characters,  or you!

Also the amazing cover was done by @AngelinaSmith590

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I can deal with killing Luciano...BUT NOT KILLING LOVI, FELI NOR FLAVIO!!
Mixes Baking Soda and Vinegar* Well, cross my heart and hope to die
----hi ----hi Dec 08
                              LAST ONE DOWN WAS AN ENGLISHMAN 
                              IM IN BED WITH HIS BOWTIE ON
                              ALL DRESSED UP FOR A HIT AND RUN
Can I just....Take his eyes..Pls ik its weird but COME ON, THOSE.EYES.
I lessened to this song I liked it a lot but as soon as heard the course I thought of hitman Jones (this is how u know when u like this fandom to much XD)