BTS, Are Vampires?!?

BTS, Are Vampires?!?

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Kat L. (aka Park Hwayoung) By BTS17lover Updated Sep 26

Y/N is a girl that goes to school with 7 handsome boys, but they hold a secret that no one shall know about. What will happen if Y/N finds out the boys secret, will her life be turned upside down? 

Read to find out.

(This is my first crack at a fanfic, pls don't hate, I got the idea from (veronica-chin, her fanfic called Blood Worthy Seventeen FF, I recommend reading it and following her as well.))

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Lol since her life isn't interesting she drinks it and
                              Me: how bout now? Is it interesting now?
firahmin firahmin Oct 16
correction..... They look so handsome EVERYDAY...get it b*tch??xD
i would have like handcuffed them to me and say "My precious!"
i can already tell this girl will be my fav in this story man
is it funny i feel like this is some scene in a movie i say like the pill bottle never stays in their hand and they always fall in most comfortable / awkward position
firahmin firahmin Oct 16
It's not do better than me and im an army too lel......