Bullied By The Sidemen||A Miniminter FF

Bullied By The Sidemen||A Miniminter FF

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LemonZestt By LemonZestt Updated Aug 20, 2016

(Before this book starts, I felt I should warn you that this contains triggering moments, comas, loss and pain)


Slan mo chara" I said, doing my signature outro before turning off the camera. Another video done, now I just have to edit.

I love recording. It reminds me how lucky I am. I have an amazing group of subscribers, that is growing bigger by the day. It's insane to think almost 500,000 people like my videos.

I stood up and began to take down my setup. I stood on my tip-toes so I could turn off my lights, then dismantled my tripod. My phone buzzed next to me. 

Lacey: want me to collect you? x 

I looked at my phone. 


School starts in 30 minutes. I replied and ran upstairs to my room.

Me: Okay 

Lacey: be there in 10

I sighed and put on my uniform, which consisted of a green dress, white shirt, green tie and bulky black boots. It was by far the most uncomfortable uniform in history. 

I walked downstairs to find my parents already up. They both had deep bags unde...

merryisnotnormal merryisnotnormal Sep 24, 2016
White and pink checkered shirt ,navy  jumper,navy skirt ,navy blazer,black tights or navy socks,black shoes and must have a backpack
leobarrett01 leobarrett01 Aug 21, 2016
Mine is black blazer, black skirt/trousers, white shirts, black school shoes, black socks/tights
BurntToasti BurntToasti Sep 04, 2016
Mine is Burgundy POLO (long or short) and blue pants (training pants, sweatpants)
Prodokaka Prodokaka Apr 30, 2016
That's just maths right? First year highschool and doing that with maths
dontstopdolan dontstopdolan Sep 24, 2016
Mine is a mustard polo shirt and either skinny jeans for girls or s skirt. I guess it's alright
Mines a white polo shirt with a black jumper and red tie with black bottoms and black shoes..not that bad I guess