To Be A Scrapper (Suzuya Juuzou)

To Be A Scrapper (Suzuya Juuzou)

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After being victim of a brutal ghoul attack by none other than Big Madam herself, Emi's life changes completely. She goes from playing with dolls to playing with knives. From candy rewards, to 'good girl points'. From a comfy bed to a cold cell. The girl who could never even dare to hurt a fly now has to kill to stay alive. 


Being a scrapper made Suzuya a heartless killer. He thought nothing of it, the only thing that mattered was pleasing Big Madam. The flashier the kill, the more good boy points he earned. Life was simple but hard at the same time. He killed to stay alive. He killed to make his Mama happy. He killed because it was fun. 

But what happens when a girl he had never seen before moves to the cell right in front of his? And worse, becomes Big Madam's new pet? There can only be one scrapper, and that scrapper was him. He would not let that be taken away from him. 

But as time passes he begins to wonder; does he really want to kill the girl?

otaku-- otaku-- Jul 01, 2016
I love this story (please ignore all my weird comments from before)
Juuzou_Suzuya13 Juuzou_Suzuya13 Feb 28, 2016
This is so awesome! I cant wait for more! ^-^ I hope you will continue with it!!
cutiepuff13 cutiepuff13 Mar 17, 2016
I can't... I'm madly in love with you and you are my hero we NEED more authors like you like seriously please never stop writing this book I will do ANYTHING ima get as much people as I can to read it trust me
cutiepuff13 cutiepuff13 Mar 17, 2016 THE SHÍT! YOU WRITE BETTER THAN ME FAM! KEEP IT UP UP UP
Hakuu-Chan Hakuu-Chan Feb 08, 2016
xXStellarSoraXx xXStellarSoraXx Aug 20, 2016
It's adorable how Emi thinks arms and legs can be easily re-attached. If only that was true..