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Hello (Karushuu)

Hello (Karushuu)

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Dragonmaster246 By Dragonmaster246 Updated Jan 11

Asano is tired of Akabane pulling pranks on the A-Class and his son making bets that he can't win. So he decided that to punish them both, he shall make them live tougher for a month. Let's see what pranks Karma will pull on Gakushuu, and see if Gakushuu keep his cool through all of this.

This is my story, no matter what the others say this is mine so there! - Mark

-sakuyas -sakuyas Jul 27, 2016
hm. well a wife has to 'please' her husbands 'needs' as well.
GrimoireOfPotato GrimoireOfPotato Apr 16, 2016
Karma: I've been wondering if after all these years you'd like to-
                              Gakushuu: GET OUT
hina1233 hina1233 Dec 16, 2016
How is this a punishment just don't talk to each other and everything will be great free houes,food, electronics ' big bathroomswhy would you want to leave
GrimoireOfPotato GrimoireOfPotato Apr 16, 2016
I'm developing the theory that Chairman Asano secretly ships it hard
I actually imagined Karma walking inside the office while singing Adele 😂😂😂
gravityfalller233 gravityfalller233 Apr 17, 2016
                              Gakushuu: *shrugs and joins* I MUST HAVE CALL A THOUSAND TIMES
                              Both: TO TELL YOU I'M SORRY, FOR BREAKING YOUR HEAR-
                              The whole school: NO.