Love Me to Death (ON HOLD)

Love Me to Death (ON HOLD)

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нαℓєу ℓα∂αωи By thewanderess Updated Apr 26, 2017

"When we promised to love each other till death do us part, I never thought death would come so soon."

They call her Justice and it's probably because she takes the law into her own hands, dishing out whatever she wants to whoever she wants. At just twenty-three years of age, she's one of few notorious assassin's in America. 

That's right. A hitwoman. A femme fatale.

His name is Nevio Vignale and he's about to be served with some serious justice. A criminal in his own right, he's never felt the need to bring a woman in on his operations before, but that all changes when the highly trained assassin marks him. 

Yep, he's on her hit list, and Justice has never missed a target. But what she doesn't know is... neither has he...

It's criminal verses criminal. Boy verses girl. Assassin verses assassin.

  • badboy
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dmel090382 dmel090382 Sep 05, 2016
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riya_a981 riya_a981 Sep 25, 2016
I love all your stories! I believe this one will be good too!!
AmayaGirlT AmayaGirlT Jun 04, 2016
Idc how many stories you start as long as you don't abandon the others and I know you won't
AmayaGirlT AmayaGirlT Jun 04, 2016
Why are all your trailers so good you need to make some for other ppl
Java60072 Java60072 Apr 17, 2016
I had no clue I was in this book. They call me "The dancing sidekick..."
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Jul 18, 2016
I LOVE your crime and romance books so please no qualms about writing more! 😊
                              I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS