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Manor Dark

Manor Dark

13.7K Reads 625 Votes 5 Part Story
Stephen Clarkson By StephenClarkson Completed

The windowless Manor sits in solitude high above the village. It's Lord is a cruel and ruthless man, who is never seen yet is feared like no other. He is the cause of countless deaths with no apparent reason.

The darkness is growing. It is the time for change and for the fear to end.


Cover art credit goes to JJcanvas at Deviant Art. Check out his stuff:

- - Jun 16, 2016
The end of this scene is invigorating. I want to know more about this person and the crystal! Great work. Spectacular writing style.
Rivensfell Rivensfell Jun 01, 2016
That was a fantastic opening! It drew me right in and everything was so vivid. And I love the way it twisted around at the end! I look forward to reading more.
- - Jun 16, 2016
Love the "symphony in crimson" line. Murder is gruesome, but this description draws me more into the motivations of the character.
PastellCreme PastellCreme May 21, 2016
Definitely didn't see that coming! !! It was really beautifully written! The fight scenes were described brilliantly! !
LBoddez LBoddez Jun 26, 2016
Wow, excellent story! It's so nice to read a story on here with some actual varied, sophisticated vocab and phrasing! Great first chapter!
njmawrite njmawrite Aug 24, 2016
Wow. This is really excellent.  I'm starting to picture of the story while reading it. It was fantastic!!!😁