Catnip Gets Me High (BxB)  (Sequel !)

Catnip Gets Me High (BxB) (Sequel !)

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(A/n This is the sequel .. Read the first one so you know who's who !! ) 
Daniel and his siblings finally get to go to the public highschool ! But .. Uh corse what is school with out it's challenges ?? 
Daniel is short for his age and very smart so he skipped a grade ! He makes an enemy and a friend ! Who all are in the same pack ! But what happens when Daniel meets Keith the alpha of the pack and is 19 likes GIRLS and is totally not in to being gentle 

Will he reject Daniel ? The boy who has cat ears ? Or except the bond and love him ? 

Read to find out

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Alex_Williams Alex_Williams Nov 04, 2017
Mom:"Give mee a kissss"
                              Me:nope *side step*
                              Mom:"1 2 3 4 5"
                              Dad:*walks in*
                              Me:PAAAA!!! MUM GUN CRAY-CRAY
                              I actually do that XD
potato_kitten_thing potato_kitten_thing Jul 09, 2017
*starts singing can you feel the love tonight and Keith walks away* Oh come on! That was the perfect moment!
Mika769 Mika769 Dec 22, 2017
I can barley do 5 push ups. I can do about 60 sit ups. And about 46 squats.
HMKMiszkwitz HMKMiszkwitz Aug 04, 2017
That happened with me and my friends at the same time at school and they still don't serve spaghetti
Neko_Justin_13 Neko_Justin_13 Jul 01, 2016
I choked and stopped eating because I was eating ramen when I read this
emo_pinkey_pride emo_pinkey_pride Aug 13, 2016
Lol I would be sleeping thru lunch and dinner than wake up and empty the fridge lol