Catnip Gets Me High (BxB)  (Sequel !)

Catnip Gets Me High (BxB) (Sequel !)

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(A/n This is the sequel .. Read the first one so you know who's who !! ) 
Daniel and his siblings finally get to go to the public highschool ! But .. Uh corse what is school with out it's challenges ?? 
Daniel is short for his age and very smart so he skipped a grade ! He makes an enemy and a friend ! Who all are in the same pack ! But what happens when Daniel meets Keith the alpha of the pack and is 19 likes GIRLS and is totally not in to being gentle 

Will he reject Daniel ? The boy who has cat ears ? Or except the bond and love him ? 

Read to find out

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Mom:"Give mee a kissss"
                              Me:nope *side step*
                              Mom:"1 2 3 4 5"
                              Dad:*walks in*
                              Me:PAAAA!!! MUM GUN CRAY-CRAY
                              I actually do that XD
*starts singing can you feel the love tonight and Keith walks away* Oh come on! That was the perfect moment!
That happened with me and my friends at the same time at school and they still don't serve spaghetti
Neko_Justin_13 Neko_Justin_13 Jul 01, 2016
I choked and stopped eating because I was eating ramen when I read this
emo_pinkey_pride emo_pinkey_pride Aug 13, 2016
Lol I would be sleeping thru lunch and dinner than wake up and empty the fridge lol
EmmaTheAlien EmmaTheAlien Aug 11, 2016
Seriously man I have more hair than most guys I know so...can we trade? I guess I don't mind either way. It is fuzzy :)