Cross Dress {Yoonmin}

Cross Dress {Yoonmin}

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savanshyt By savanshyt Updated Jan 21

Yoonmn Fanfiction :-))))

In which Hoseok, Yoongi, Namjoon, and Seokjin play truth or dare, and Yoongi get's dared to cross dress and seduce the bullied, straight boy, Park Jimin.

May contain Mature content.

MaddieRain1 MaddieRain1 Dec 30, 2016
You'd think Jin would say Something like "don't be so rude!"
lonekook lonekook Jan 06
im just disturbed by the seats in the restroom. i mean. you're not going to shi t in there and just realize that you wanted to have some tea
MaddieRain1 MaddieRain1 Dec 30, 2016
Am I the only one wondering how you "seductively passed a paper with" a number?
MaddieRain1 MaddieRain1 Dec 30, 2016
So Jimin is bullied? In Lie, he sang "Don't be like the prey. Be smooth like a, like a snake..." he isn't supposed to stand for this😂😭
StaciArtist StaciArtist Jan 11
I swear Hobi is the jerk in almost every yoonmin fanfic. Sunshine stop it
SugaInMyTea_22 SugaInMyTea_22 Dec 20, 2016
You better feel bad or I'll pull your teeth out and shove them up your penis, got it?