Cross Dress {Yoonmin}

Cross Dress {Yoonmin}

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savanshyt By savanshyt Updated Nov 13

Yoonmn Fanfiction :-))))

In which Hoseok, Yoongi, Namjoon, and Seokjin play truth or dare, and Yoongi get's dared to cross dress and seduce the bullied, straight boy, Park Jimin.

May contain Mature content.

Rockysa Rockysa Nov 28
I am laughing. It's like me saying no one likes u when u have millions of fans Suga. Don't show off too much.
Who tf well there are about 500000000000000000 people who love him so idk wtf your talkin bout
Tsk tsk tsk, Hoseok I thought you were an angel. How come you don't respect your co-angel?
YA YOU RUINED MY HOPE JIMIN GOT DEM JAMS but sometimes he don't but stilllll
M-kitty116 M-kitty116 Aug 16
Everybody's like, Yoongi would be so hot like that... Meanwhile, me: that girl is hot