Love? What's That?

Love? What's That?

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Tzuyu and Dahyun are fraternal twin sisters who have had some pretty tough experiences. From their parents dying to their boyfriends trying to rape them, they've been through a lot. Baecause of that, they haven't even had their frst kisses. Poor Girls...

They have only ever loved 1 person each. Those people that they loved, cheated them, tried to rape them and something that was horrible to both of them, steal their first kisses when they weren't ready. That made them shut the once open door to their heart. They've been living in their ice walls for 3 years. 
 Love is something that isn't in their dictionary anymore.

 Many people hate them for their cold attitudes as well as their deathening glares. What happens when they move to a new school and these 2 player guys try to steal their hearts? Will they be able to break the walls built around them? Free themselves of the chains that hold them back from love? Find out in Love? What's That?


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  • chaeyoung
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ArmyFromBangtan ArmyFromBangtan Apr 30, 2017
Damn, this is so sad 😭 And I'm in a very emotional state right now
So I Reread And Realised....
                              I WANNA KNOW WHAT IS LOVE?
                              And THE TITTLE OF DIS BOOK OHO
ArmyFromBangtan ArmyFromBangtan Apr 30, 2017
I'm trying sooo hard to hate Chanyeol,  but I can't because he's my precious baby 😣😣
Roseiiii Roseiiii Jun 10, 2017
Aaawwww im crying😣😣😣😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
TrashFabMaknae TrashFabMaknae Jan 21, 2017
Tzuyu... I'll talk manderin to you if you let me talk to Dubu
joyseus joyseus Feb 23, 2017
Y is it that baekhyun follows wat chanyeol does and dahyun follows wat tzuyu does so far?