Desperation || Tomione

Desperation || Tomione

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Desperation is a state of despair, one that results in rash and extreme behaviour.  It is what we resort to in the most precarious times in our lives.

It is the year 1998 Hogwarts had fallen. Under Dumbledore's order, Hermione Granger returns back to 1944 to try and end Tom Riddle from becoming Voldemort. However she hadn't expected that the young dark lord would have such an impact on herself.

Will she end him? Or will he persuade her to join him?

Tom riddles seventh year was 1943-44. So. She isnt going to get very long
If there was an 8th year. Then would of been the start of his.
But you can't apparate in and out of Hogwarts, Hermione! You said so yourself!
That-one-gurl That-one-gurl 3 days ago
Bellatrix married into that name she was originally a black. I don't mean to sound rude so if I do I'm sorry I was just saying.