The Nerd's a vampire? (BoyxBoy) *Complete*

The Nerd's a vampire? (BoyxBoy) *Complete*

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16 year old Samuel, Sam, Johnson, was turned into a vampire in 1913. Now the year is 2013, his family is dead, and everything he knew is different. He killed people for 100 years before he decided that what he was doing was wrong. So now he switches from town to town, pretending to be different every time. 100 years later and he turns up in his old town where everything started. Except now he’s pretending to be a nerd. No one would suspect a nerd to be a blood thirsty killer would they? He keeps himself distant from everyone in hopes that he can have a normal life but that never seems to be the case for Sam.

Luke Merge is the toughest and hottest boy in the school. Everyone at school knows he’s gay and no one can resist him, not even the straight boys. He’s cocky and has an ego the size of Texas. When he bumps into the gorgeous Sam Johnson everything changes. He’s determined to get Sam in bed with him but when Sam says no it comes as his own personal game to get Sam to like him. He just can’t seem to get his ice blue eyes out of his head.

With every word Luke says to Sam he comes a little bit closer to knowing the truth.

KinkyWinkie KinkyWinkie May 30
i'm imagining him as Lucky Blue because he's the most perfect child
All I see is him standing in the shower in 'Warm Bodies'😍😍😍
I just realized that Sam is the only vampire in the family.... AAAAAAHH THE POOR BABY
Miathebrave4 Miathebrave4 Apr 18, 2016
Is that Joey Graceffa!? I remember showy. I think that's there ship name. IDREK! XD
Oh. Yeah, sure, I'm fine, I'm totally fine, I'm okay....
                              I'M NOOOOOOOOTTTTT OOOOOOKKKAAAAAYYYY!
hannah699 hannah699 May 12, 2016
first bxb im reading and im excited i finally found one i like