The Assassin Experiment (An Ansatsu Kyoshitsu FanFic)

The Assassin Experiment (An Ansatsu Kyoshitsu FanFic)

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biii By bi-bi-yall Updated May 05

""Nagisa!" "Nagisa!" "What happened?" "Hang in there!" "Nagisa!"
Voices surrounded me and faded away as I drifted further and further into the dark. Where was I going? What was I doing? Where was I? And.....
who am I?"

Nagisa is severely injured one day and has the whole 3-E Class worried sick for a week. When he wakes from his week long coma, his classmates learn that he has forgotten himself and yet seems to remember Karma and his dear old mother. 

But why was that? Could there be a motive hiding in the dark? There was something lurking in the shadows. 

Quietly and soundlessly commencing the experiment.


Assassination Classroom and it's characters do not belong to me but this story and plot do. 
Art used in the cover belongs to @histerrier on Tumblr

I was thinkikg of Shiro but when i saw those words.... WHO IS IT!?!?
at times like these one should avoid thinking this way,and hope for the best,ya know,kayano.Even though overthinking is inevitable
Yandere something either an OC or his mom which if it's his mom then eww she sounds like a lovesick fangirl  on high 
                              (No offense to fangirls considering I am one )
It's super sad right now because I'm listening to Gekkou 😭
katsulol katsulol 2 days ago
                              someone get the snipers and call for back up, I'll call the others. Make sure that you are all armed and ready for battle. This is an SS rated piece of sh*t we're dealing with so you better be ready. This is war.
Nagisa suddenly sits up and deadpans at Terasaka, "No sh¡t Sherlock." He rolled his eyes sarcastically, then he suddenly faints due to blood loss.