I'll make you say my name.

I'll make you say my name.

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~{ Burning Time }~ By BurningTime Updated Jul 16

Not good with descriptions or what so eh

Contains Yaoi, Naruto being the bottom of mainly everyone. Enjoy!

Contains Yaoi

sorry guys don't be alarmed. I'll try to hold it in next time.👍🏿
I would have squealed instead of shrieked. You know what I mean?
kuroko666 kuroko666 May 06
Hahahaha I love you! You. Are. Awesome! I lovvveeeee the Intro!
@YeahNaruto look we're paired up here as well. I think it's just coincidence but it's funny. But read the next chapter.
ThatOneWeeb39 ThatOneWeeb39 Oct 16, 2016
Are you sure that wasn't just me squealing in the background?
Nerdy_Donut Nerdy_Donut Jan 27
I thought he either would be a sex ed, gym (surprisingly), or a LA teacher. First... well you know, second because he beat the flip out of Naruto-kun, third because he's still a writer of sorts... we basically write the same thing as he does... *shivers*