I'll make you say my name.

I'll make you say my name.

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~{ Tainted Raven }~ By StainedRaven Updated Oct 16

Not good with descriptions or what so eh

Contains Yaoi, Naruto being the bottom of mainly everyone. Enjoy!

Contains Yaoi

Ok I am really confused where they are. Are they in a bedroom a closet are they still at school or what?
First I thought it said Naruto so I was like, 'Oh crossdressing, but what about his other outfit' until I read pig tails
dam_u_percy dam_u_percy Aug 04
I thought he taught sex Ed????
                              *looks away* ehehe srry that wasn't even funny...
Are you sure that wasn't just me squealing in the background?
dam_u_percy dam_u_percy Aug 04
Wait... Choji vs Naruto, Naruto vs Sakura or Sakura vs choji???..
OMG! He acting like that dude on a haunted house!😂😂😂