Miss World Or Miss Akhirah?

Miss World Or Miss Akhirah?

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Sarah Bg By Sarahss2000 Updated 2 days ago

Is Hameeda  mg the modest Muslim girl her parents think she is?

Is she striving for Miss World  or Miss Akirah??? Especially now with Her uztaz uncle coming to live with her for a few months and prom coming soon. 


 Find out how Hameeda mg  struggles  with being popular and at the same time yearning for jannah. In series of doing things that are haram, heart breaks, crying seasons , lying,  Cheating e.t.c will Hameeda ever achieve the goal of having the best of the two worlds???


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Humylash Humylash Nov 27
Thankfully my twin brothers don't even look alike ...they don't even look like siblings lol
Aeshatu18 Aeshatu18 Oct 13
This cracked me up 😂😂😂 irin  Dan izalah 😂😂😂😂
khameeelarh khameeelarh Nov 28
Yeah that's what most of our Muslims do nowadays.may Almighty Allah forgive us all. Ameeen
Aeshatu18 Aeshatu18 Oct 13
Lol, why won't she makeup to school when teachers are commenting..
Maybe you should shorten it or divide the paragraph into two
Dr_lyman Dr_lyman Jul 26
Is hauwa a sprit or wat?😂😂i cnt imagine hw beautiful she iz