TMNT x Reader One Shots (REQUESTS OPEN)

TMNT x Reader One Shots (REQUESTS OPEN)

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Um...cheese? By PencilWriterGirl Updated Apr 07

#344 in Fanfiction.

Fluff and angst packed into this one shot book. I don't take OC requests.

Cover changed: November 19, 2017

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Inknote_Fatherwhisp Inknote_Fatherwhisp Nov 25, 2017
Hair:Blue with purple highlights, eyes:Blue, body:tan and black
Blue_____Berry Blue_____Berry Dec 08, 2017
                              Braided blond hair in a bun Same heigh as the turtles
                              Tan skin 
                              Sarcastic Depressed Lonely Kiddnapped about 24/7
                              Wears black jeans a short shirt that says GO AWAY
                              Has cuts on arms and face
                              Story title:(You choose)
                               Plot:(You Choose)
Inknote_Fatherwhisp Inknote_Fatherwhisp Nov 25, 2017
Age:around the same age as Donnie
                              Has a twin sis named era
                              She and era are princesses from another planet called Solara witch was destroyed by the triceratons
From now on, I’m not writing OC x turtle in this book. Just x readers from now on
summerset1276 summerset1276 Dec 02, 2017
                              Mid back black wavy hair in a braid 
                              Grey eyes 5 foot 6 inches 
                              Chestnut brown skin
                              Funny  sarcastic brave yet not loud 
                              Wears olive green shirt long sleeve one shoulder uncovered.Black jeans and green converse shoes.
                              Story title:Just relax
                              Plot:You decide!
emogirly67 emogirly67 Jan 06
Hair: Long black with red highlights at the bottom 
                              Eyes: Gold 
                              Skin color: tan/pale