Red Riding Hoods Beast : Erotic Fairy Tales Series #1

Red Riding Hoods Beast : Erotic Fairy Tales Series #1

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.QUEEN.OF.B!TCHES. By Ero_Sinner Updated Jun 27

His hands travel down my back slowly caressing and feeling my flesh against his. -"you're mine" he growled once again, my body trembling at his statement and making me push my legs up and wrap them up onto his naked lower half, suddenly he pressed himself against me, his shaft began to rub against my moist innocence


WARNING : Romance. Soft-Erotic. Werewolf. Action. Fairy Tale. Mythology. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Characters DO NOT have any names, neither I am going to give them one. This is the way I feel more COMFORTABLE writing. Please, RESPECT how I write and my work. I OWN this story, it's MINE and if this story is somewhere else other than WATTPAD. You'll suffer the consequences.   

COVER BY : @SweetBlast

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Okay this might sound weird but she worded this first paragraph so good OMGG YOU GO WRITER
rizkiandini rizkiandini Feb 28, 2016
Okay this story need to be done. I'm freaking love it. CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE MORE SO I CAN LIVE MY LIFE AGAIN?
_xxalyxx_ _xxalyxx_ Feb 29, 2016
                              YOU WERE RED
                              AND YOU LIKED ME CAUSE I WAS BLUE
                              AND YOU TOUCHED ME AND SUDDENLY I WAS A LILAC SKY
                              BUT YOU DECIDED THAT PURPLE JUST WASNT FOR YOU
obsceniteas obsceniteas Apr 08, 2016
This is already fabulous and I've only read three sentences!
Madmaniachater_x Madmaniachater_x Aug 14, 2016
Wow only reading this prologue makes me want to read more I'm really loving this book.
wandab63 wandab63 Mar 09, 2016
ahhh erotic fairytales make our childhood fears our adult fantasies  tytyty