Writing Our Story //Gilgamesh X Arturia//

Writing Our Story //Gilgamesh X Arturia//

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Katarina_Hīragi By Katarina_Pendragon Updated Sep 17

Seven years have passed since the Fifth Holy Grail War ended.
Arturia Pendragon finds herself summoned again, but not as a Heroic Spirit, but as a human, and without even knowing the person who summoned her!
She meets Gilgamesh, who is living the exact same situation.
They decide to find out what was going on.. And suddenly, they discover a book, where everything that's written on it, happens in a parallel world.
The two kings begin to develop feelings for each other, so they decide to write a new legend, a new historical story, Their story..

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•Fate Stay Night

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Are they going to have fun adventures?! (I hope they do!) Great work on this chapter!
Great chapter! I've been watched like that before by people! It was back when I was cosplaying Saber and going to a convention but it feels like they are judging you so bad!
I luv your story! I ship Gilgamesh and Saber!! 😍💓 I hope you update soon!
For one of your first (Or your first) fic, this is really really well written! I really love it, thus far. I think it will be very interesting and for one who does not ship GilxSaber, I am actually looking forwards to how the relationship will come about.
English is also not my first language. It was actually Chinese(well Cantonese)