Jack the Cat - Gravity Falls (Dipper x Male OC x Bill)

Jack the Cat - Gravity Falls (Dipper x Male OC x Bill)

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Jack has never known his parents, he doesn't even know if he was born or a lab experiment. Why would he be a lab experiment? Well, because he's half cat, half human. He has met a very limited amount of people nice enough to help him out and give him food. Most people scream and/or run away when they see his cat tail, ears, eyes and claws. 

When he stumbles upon the Mystery Shack he is cautious to trust the Pines twins. However, he quickly befriends them and starts working at the Shack. He moves in and lives in the attic with the two, and all is right with the world. 

This all changes when a certain triangular Dream Demon appears and takes an interest and liking to Jack.

A/N Tad and Will are probably going to join this story, but later on. Some chapters will be from the story, however not all of them are and they may not follow the same sequence as the show. Also, please comment if you find a mistake and I'll fix it up. Constructive criticism is helpful but rudeness is not accepted.

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