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This is a fanfiction, considering that anything from this account will be fanfiction. All credit goes to the marvelous author @RobThier, for creating a masterpiece such as Storm and Silence, and it's sequel: In The Eye of The Storm. The characters are not mine, just merely borrowing them. 


Ambrosial (adj.)
1. worthy of the gods; ambrosian; 2. extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant;

She was something that I couldn't decipher. 
She was a mystery just as I am.
She was something that I couldn't help but let my mind wander to.
She was always a question that needn't be answered. You just have to understand her. 

And, I do. 

That was what I was afraid of. I can't afford to lose time. 

But then again, time seems not to be lost when I'm with her. 

And maybe, that's enough for me. 

{I can warn you right now that this would not be the same as the original because I suck at imitations and I do not plan on borrowing Sir Rob's writing style (which is flawless, by the way), and my writing style will probably be dominant. This would probably cause a lot of confusion (most of my stories do) since I am not really used to reading or writing Historical Fiction. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not tolerate ludicrous comments, whining and comparing this to the original.} 


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You know, I can actually picture him thinking this if the books were in his perspective. Great job author! Love it!
Ohhhhhhhh! His possessive side probably worships the words on that note!
@ineffablefanfixx spot on with Mr Ambrose and Lilly 😂💜💜 I love this
Has anybody  ever read Mr Ambrose's pov by rob their? Did he even ever put  up Mr Ambrose's ppve......i wish to know what he thinks
_Syn0nym0usSym0ne _Syn0nym0usSym0ne Nov 27, 2016
It's cute and sad at the same time bc this had double meaning