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This is a fanfiction, considering that anything from this account will be fanfiction. All credit goes to the marvelous author @RobThier, for creating a masterpiece such as Storm and Silence, and it's sequel: In The Eye of The Storm. The characters are not mine, just merely borrowing them. 


Ambrosial (adj.)
1. worthy of the gods; ambrosian; 2. extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant;

She was something that I couldn't decipher. 
She was a mystery just as I am.
She was something that I couldn't help but let my mind wander to.
She was always a question that needn't be answered. You just have to understand her. 

And, I do. 

That was what I was afraid of. I can't afford to lose time. 

But then again, time seems not to be lost when I'm with her. 

And maybe, that's enough for me. 

{I can warn you right now that this would not be the same as the original because I suck at imitations and I do not plan on borrowing Sir Rob's writing style (which is flawless, by the way), and my writing style will probably be dominant. This would probably cause a lot of confusion (most of my stories do) since I am not really used to reading or writing Historical Fiction. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not tolerate ludicrous comments, whining and comparing this to the original.} 


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DiscombobulatingBoom DiscombobulatingBoom Aug 31, 2017
You know, I can actually picture him thinking this if the books were in his perspective. Great job author! Love it!
anaveragewriter123 anaveragewriter123 Jun 22, 2017
Ohhhhhhhh! His possessive side probably worships the words on that note!
expectczarcasm expectczarcasm Jul 13, 2017
@ineffablefanfixx spot on with Mr Ambrose and Lilly 😂💜💜 I love this
And she was asking if he was alright smh
                              Gurll your priorities first
shafiquakhan2000 shafiquakhan2000 Aug 26, 2017
Has anybody  ever read Mr Ambrose's pov by rob their? Did he even ever put  up Mr Ambrose's ppve......i wish to know what he thinks
Fallingstars99 Fallingstars99 Feb 03, 2016
m already speechless by the preface..looking forward to read this :)