Arranged (BoyxBoy) [ON HOLD]

Arranged (BoyxBoy) [ON HOLD]

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Øžžÿ By The_Land_Of_Oz Updated Apr 28, 2016

Hayes Landson, he just wanted to be normal. But he knew he could never be.

He was forced to grow up at a young age, to help his mother cope with the bad choices his father kept making.

Ivan Landson, Hayes' father, spent his time gambling away every dime he had to his name. 

Then, he gambled a little too much. A little to much of what he doesn't have. 

Hayes was in his last year of college. He had spent ten years saving up enough money to pay off his student loan as soon as he got it. 

What he didn't expect, was his father to blow that all away. 


Hayes was faced with problem, after problem, until finally, he met someone who can take the weight of the world on his shoulders, away from him. 

But what he didn't expect, was the deal he had to make in order for that to happen.

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Tiggermazz Tiggermazz Feb 03, 2016
This is Amazing! I cant wait for more. This has me drawn in. The emotion the boy has when he gets told his fathers debts have increased is heart wrenching. This is gah, Im in tears and im not sure why. Superb Job. Keep up the good work.
lostboys_lostgirls lostboys_lostgirls Feb 18, 2016
Literally have a friend whos name is Julianna :) And sometime we call her Jules :)
Tiggermazz Tiggermazz Feb 07, 2016
Holy cow if that was me id murder my father in his sleep. Just kidding but seriously id want to harm him for making my mother and the rest of the family suffer. great Update.
lamamama22 lamamama22 Jan 03, 2017
Theres only one way......i had to do it too.....danm mom and her drug addiction ways.
AiMila AiMila Aug 10, 2016
I understand I too would have been extremely pissed if one of my parents gambled away the money that I saved up to pay my student loans like that.
T-On-The-Wall T-On-The-Wall Jul 20, 2016
What was ever happens in this book don't let him forgive him quickly