Blood Shattered (Adopted By My Step Brothers) Book 2

Blood Shattered (Adopted By My Step Brothers) Book 2

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Wolf By _wayward_ Updated Aug 10, 2016

***If you haven't read ( Adopted By My Step Brothers) book 1 before reading this then you will be somewhat confused.***

Kale and Kingsley have become more possessive over me this past year but I couldn't have asked for better twin mates. The pack has been doing extraordinary and everyone has been safe and sound. 

But my powers...they've been calling out to me, begging me to use them and I'm also afraid that a few girls in the pack have been coming on to Kingsley and kale. 

I also have been becoming majorly Paranoid lately. 

Someone is watching my every move I just know it. 

Explicit detail of sexual contact and adult situations take place in this story. If you can't handle crazy sex, cursing or constant drama,  then exit stage left  you're probably a child and this story isn't for you. But for my dirty minded readers, hello friend (: 
You might have to follow me in order to see certain chapters because they may become private.