Maid Heartfilia

Maid Heartfilia

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(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ By EndlessMarshmallow Updated Dec 31, 2017

{cover says by -Lucy-Dragneel- cuz that's my old username}

He never loved her. 
She was just a nuisance to him.
He needed a way to get rid of her.
-She was the payment for his sins-

Lucy was left alone at a young age. Yes, her father was there but he had no intentions of caring for her. When Lucy's mother died her father turned to drinking and gambling. To the public he was the perfect father, but the truth was he could hardly afford food let alone pay the bills, he was abusive and had a drinking habit but the worst thing was, he sold his daughter to become a slave. 
-She was the payment for his sins-

[NaLu and other ships]
[Mature content~]
[cover by @Kitori_Higirashi

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DjSparkle DjSparkle Jun 12, 2017
If you ever have duck tape on your mouth, lick it till it's no longer sticky
SarahJean497 SarahJean497 Jul 22, 2017
Gray when you meet Juvia you not just going to bang her hmmmm
Sparti06 Sparti06 Aug 04, 2017
Ok I thought this would b a very different story but have to say not bad really enjoying it! Gray though acting like a tool lol
InfiniteMiste InfiniteMiste Sep 19, 2016
                              pls don't kīll me but whenever someone starts a new sentence, you need to start a new paragraph •–•
BethMilesxoxo BethMilesxoxo Aug 07, 2016
Hey Lu, I've just started reading this and already love it! Well done xx